Hear! Hear!
All good men and women living now loving the past! Don't forget to book The Spectacle of Stockholm! Starts at the 28:th-30:th of May 2004!

This is the real treat for those who long for an opportunity when the history of the city really is at its peak! Stockholm welcomes the celebration of its 18:th century with the utmost tender musical expierience, flamboyant songs, gallant dancers and burlesque Commedia d’ell Arte. Encounter the rabulists and rebels from those days and take part of the citys thriving Masters of Handicraft!

Welcome daring to be one of all those hundreds of men and women who dresses up in their historical costumes – in silk, velvet or rags and watch this change of scenery make the city turn its past to present tense.

Come visit “Boisterus Bacchus!” outside the Royal Palace. Join the procession of historical costumes in “Dearest Brothers, Sisters and Friends!” starting at the statue of King Gustaf III. Hear the artists tune in the loved songs of the Great Poet himself, Carl-Michael Bellman, by the waterside of the Palace in “Bellman-of-All-Times!”. Don’t miss the historical costume ball “Nordic Nocturns and Naiads!” in the Great Hall of the Nordic museum. What else do your heart desire?

Maybe some more information? http://www.stockholmskaspektakel.se
or please call +468 6613091 Elisabeth Goldstein